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  • Your personal
    cold therapy

    Get rid of stress and headaches
    in the most natural way.

    Stress & tension reliever

    An ideal way to recover and
    relieve tension

    Headache & migraine relief

    Instant relief for migraines
    or headaches

    Natural & reusable

    The Headvista ice mask is reusable and
    a natural pain and tension reliever

    2 way to use

    Headvista is a cold therapy mask for anyone experiencing headaches, stress, or simply wanting to relax

    Headvista is a great way to cool down and relax.

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    How does Headvista work?

    The Headvista ice mask consists of a two-layered thermal gel that stays cold for a long time. When used, it instantly cools the head, allowing tension and headaches to dissipate.

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    Easy to use

    1. Place in the freezer
    for 1-2 hours

    2. Start using
    and relax

    3. Place back
    in the freezer

    What our customers are saying


    I had a migraine all day, tried various remedies, took three prescribed painkillers but nothing worked. I put the mask on and within two minutes, my headache simply vanished. Absolutely astounding.



    I had my doubts, but upon the recommendation of a friend, I decided to test it out. It’s safe to say, it delivers on its promises.



    As my wife recommended it, I thought I’d give it a try myself. It works.



    Extremely pleasant solution! It also rejuvenates the skin. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


    2 colors

    Stay healthy

    We all know that painkillers and pain relievers are full of chemicals. Use Headvista to keep your body healthy and clean.

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    Your new best friend

    Headvista is a favorite for many because it works.

    There’s nothing better than a cold compress to relieve stress or headaches. Headvista cools you down in a matter of seconds. Plus, using Headvista is very easy and convenient.

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    With Headvista

    Cools the head from all sides
    Relieves migraine
    Natural effect
    Rejuvenates the skin


    No relief
    Frequent hot flashes
    Long-lasting headaches
    Swollen facial skin

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use the Headvista?

    Usage is very simple: Place the Headvista ice mask in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. The Headvista ice mask is most effective in 10-30 minute sessions directly from the refrigerator.

    How long can I keep it on?

    You can keep it on as long as the Headvista has not warmed up. The ice mask stays cold for about 25-30 minutes. It is not recommended to keep the ice mask on for longer than that.

    What is Headvista made of?

    Headvista is made of comfortable and smooth Lycra fabric (Spandex) on the outside, and inside it has a thick, dense gel that stays cold for a long time.

    Does this size fit me?

    Headvista is made of elastic material, which means one size fits all.

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